Build: Custom or Pre-design plans

Every plan starts with inspiration

Whether you're looking for your first home, your forever or retirement home or a just looking for a place to get away to we can help.   Twin Rivers can build to suite or you can choose one of popular floor plans.  Or if you need a home sooner and don't want the hassle of picking out all the details of your home we offer pre-built stock homes for sale. 



Having a home built or even buying a stock home can take some time and is a big move.  Here are the steps you will have to go through in order to purchase a home. 

STEP 1- 
Talk to your bank or credit union about pre-approval.  Find out what amount you are approved for and if we fit your budget.  Ensure you have enough cash that you can cover the down payment required by your bank.  We recommend either RBC or your local Credit Union for financing your home. 


Contact us and we can point you towards the dealer in your area for pricing and options. 

STEP 3- 

If pricing looks good its time to come in and discuss potential options if a custom build or to see

the stock unit(s) we have available. If you are custom building we would go over the options you have for your cosmetic item such as cabinet stains, siding colour etc. 

STEP 4- 

At this point we sign a contract with you and you will pay us a deposit.  

STEP 5- 

Time to build your home.  During this period you may be responsible for a couple of items such as getting your driveway and lot prepared. 

STEP 6- 

Delivery and set up. This can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on NS Power and the weather. We will build your decks, block and tie down your home, skirt your home and crackfill and paint. 

STEP 7- 

Final walk through and signing of warranty documents. Keys will be and changed along with final payment.